Our Priorities

Church life in Spen Valley Church will be based around our four priorities.  It is our prayer that everything we do will be focused on enabling us to;

  • Rejoice: Only as we glory in the truth of God’s grace to us in Jesus will we know that the joy of the Lord is our strength. We want to cultivate, celebrate, and show the joy that is ours in Jesus.
  • Love: The Christian life is characterised by love. We want to love one another, and the people of the Spen Valley, as Jesus has loved us.
  • Serve: There is no Christian growth without Christian service. We want to equip and encourage each other to serve the Lord sacrificially as we use the gifts He has given us, and grow more like Jesus.
  • Reach: Nobody can come to the Father, except through Jesus. We want to work hard to show the glory and beauty of Jesus to the people of the Spen Valley, that they might see their need of Him, and come to know Him as their Saviour and Lord.

These priorities come out of, and are undergirded by, our commitment to the historic evangelical and reformed faith.  We want to maintain and hold out the truths expressed in the historic reformed confessions of the church, as we point people to the ultimate truth, Jesus.